Message From Father Boyd – March 18, 2020

March 18, 2020 (Feast of St. Cyril of Jerusalem)

All members of Holy Rosary Parish:

This message is an update regarding events and directives recently imposed. First let me assure you of my prayers and Masses for you and your families at this time of lent when many choose to fast and sacrifice. Yet, in the circumstances we find ourselves the traditional practices need not be chosen since they have in some ways been imposed by forces beyond our control. Let everyone be at peace. Let us trust in the love and mercy of God who come to our assistance. Many are praying for you and your families and for those afflicted in our world. I encourage everyone to personal quiet prayer and devotions at home.

I am writing to inform you of a NEW directive received this day. The church must now be closed until further notice. There will be no access into the church area or adoration chapel. The Diocese request all adoration chapels and churches remain closed at all times. This will be very hard for many because your church is such an important place of refuge and comfort. I will post on doors that there can be no entrance into church area and I will keep you informed when the church area can be open again. I will keep you posted if Easter Masses will or will not be celebrated.

Endrina and I are in the office area. Ring the bell if we are needed. Some have asked if they can drop off their offerings. Please keep them in safe place until further notice. Or you will see a mail slot beside the office door in which you can send any prayer request, offerings, requests for masses etc. I will offer the daily intentions requested by parish members when celebrating my private mass each day.

Due to closure of the church area the Food Pantry is under suspension. Those asking for help for food box will be able to pick up outside the church. Please spread the word and if possible I ask members of the parish to consider and continue dropping off food items. A basket will placed outside parish office sidewalk for those able to donate any dry food items, soups, crackers, Kraft dinner, juice, pasta, rice etc. This will help me immensely in order to help me prepare their boxes. Those in need will receive their food box outside church doors at an appointed time.

In today’s Gospel Jesus says he has not come “to abolish the law or the prophets”. He comes to fulfill. Let us continue in our Lent to fulfill the law. The law is to love. God bless . I will try to keep you posted on any further updates. To all who have emails of friends and members of the parish please assist me in forwarding this message.

Sincerely in Christ our Lord,

Fr. Vernon P. Boyd S.J.