Message From Father Boyd – March 25, 2020

March 25, 2020    (Feast of the Annunciation of the Lord)

Parish Update

When  a person hears good news we often see a physical change in their demeanor. Their eyes light up, they smile,  they might jump up and down.  The birth of a child, a marriage proposal,  a job promotion,  a graduation.  Today in the first reading God speaks to  Ahaz to ask Him for a sign.   But his eyes don’t light up, he doesn’t smile,  he doesn’t jump up and down.  Rather he says he will not ask for a sign.  He will not bother to ask.  And God asks him why.  Are you too tired?  Are you too weary?   Sometimes in life we can also become like Ahaz.  Too weary or too tired to be bothered.   And sometimes too weary to be bothered with God.  And we give up.  Perhaps our culture is also like Ahaz.  Looking too often for the quick fix,  the quick solution,  the quick answer, the quick reply to anything we want on the internet,  and we are unable to wait or to be patient.  Let alone to wait patiently for that sign from God.    Could this be where we are today in our lives?  Where are culture is today?  Where Ahaz was?    Where we are in our thoughts about the  epidemic spreading around the world.   We want good signs but  are we too afraid or too tired  to ask.   Or do we fear not being answered?   God says ask for a sign.   Do not be afraid to ask Him.   He would not tell us to ask if He did not mean it.  Today, ask for a sign for your family,  for your children,   a sign of hope for the future,  a sign of love, sign of patience and courage,  a sign that the world will heal.   God will send a sign.  On this Feast of Annunciation,  the angel brings a sign to Mary when she is afraid.    God sends his Son.    He is the Sign.   He will show many signs if we ask.   He is sending them today.   Listen to the birds singing preparing their nests for Spring, see neighours helping neighbours,  the faithful in the thousands praying every day for the world,  nurses and doctors tirelessly working to exhaustion.   Do not be too tired to ask God for a sign.  It is the Feast of the Annunciation of the Lord.  The Feast of the greatest Sign ever announced.   The Sign is Jesus.   Ask him for a sign and smile.

Brief Updates:

Be united in prayer with others saying the Rosary in our homes at exactly 4 PM Daily.

Blessed Sacrament available for Adoration can be seen through the Office Window from your car or walking by.

All Easter Masses are cancelled.

The Mass celebrated this morning was for the repose of the souls of Joseph Frances Coutinho, Gina Binotto,  and Vadori Family loved ones.

Thanks for dropping food items for the food pantry for those in need.

The Parish Sunday 9 AM Mass March 29, 2020 will be streamed live.  Follow the instructions below in order to access the Mass.


Instructions to View Mass

You are invited to see the Mass celebrated at Holy Rosary at 9 a.m. EDT on Sunday on your computer or mobile device.

To listen and watch, place the cursor on your computer screen over the words click here in this email message.  Click your cursor on the ‘click here’ link.

This will automatically connect you to the broadcast on the internet. That is all you have to do.

You will receive a reminder email about the broadcast closer to Sunday.


Fr. Vernon P. Boyd S.J.


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