Message From Father Boyd – April 15, 2020

April 15,2020  (Octive of Easter Wednesday)

Parish Update

A Jesuit church stands strong overlooking a Jesuit University named in honour of St. Aloysius Gonzaga.  It was built in the Greco-Roman architectural tradition, named in honour of the Jesuit saint patron of the world’s sick, so fitting a saint in these times, enduring catastrophic pandemic illness and death.  The high columns of the Church support a magnificent façade with the Latin words inscribed over the portico Ostium Domus Dei et Porta Caeli’.  The inscription translates ‘Doorway to God, Gateway to Heaven’.  At night when the moon casts its soft light on the inscription etched in stone the words shine bright.  Today, the Mass readings speak of a doorway or a gateway called the Beautiful Gate, a gate through which one could enter the Temple in Jerusalem.  It is here the disciples find a man who is lame and begging for alms at the Beautiful Gate.  The disciples say to the lame man they have neither silver or gold but what they do have in the name of Jesus stand and walk.  The man stands and he walks.  Perhaps it could be said, the Beautiful Gate prefigures, a  new and even more beautiful Gate.  A Gate through which all will now be able to enter forever.  The Gate is Jesus.  Proclaiming the name of Jesus the disciples invite the lame man to rise.  And the man rises.  Suddenly a Gate, not made of stone, but of Spirit, and of Word, heals a lame man and brings him hope and healing.  The man rejoices.  Jesus is now the new Gate.  He is that doorway to God and that gateway to heaven.  He is inviting us to enter through the Beautiful Gate.  He is that Gate.  And when we enter through the Gate he promises to heal, console, and comfort us.  An inscription over the portico of a magnificent church invites us to enter through the door.  It is an invitation to find Jesus waiting for us.  To not be afraid to enter and find Him.  He is waiting for us wherever we find ourselves in this life.  He is waiting for us to enter the door and find him in our homes, parishes,  hospitals, workplaces, communities, and nations.  We are told in the Gospel the disciples are on  a highway to Emmaus when they encounter a mysterious person.   At first they do not know the mysterious traveler.  But they tell him their story about Jesus and all that happened to Him.  And they share their tears and sorrows.   Before long they discover who it is walking beside them on that highway to Emmaus.  It is Jesus.  He is alive.  He has opened the door for them to see.  They  rejoice.  We might notice it is on a hard highway to Emmaus that the disciples recognize Jesus.  But it is not the highway that helped them to see.  It was the Gateway that opened their eyes to see.  Jesus is the Gateway and our Gateway to God.  We live in a world of many highways smooth and rough encountering many fears and perils.  But the Beautiful Gate is walking beside all the while.  There is a moon that will  most certainly illuminate a soft light upon the portico of a church this night and all who look up will see an inscription written,  ‘Ostium Domus Die et Porta Caeli’ t. Aloysius Gonzaga.  Pray for us.

Thank you to all who have signed up to help CARE FOR NEIGHBOURS TEAM.  Those who have been asked to help a neighbour please keep a check on them.

Easter Wednesday Mass offered for the repose of the souls of Jason Barrett, Erni Feicht, & Iole Innocente.  Remember in prayer Maria Scorziello whose burial internment took place today.          

Pray the  Rosary at 4 PM in your homes offering prayers for end of the pandemic , the sick and afflicted,  nurses and doctors, first responders, and all serving the community for their health and safety.

Mail drop off at the Rectory mail box kitchen door.  Place prayer requests, Mass intentions,  messages, envelopes, letters.   The mail box is carefully monitored.   A huge Thank You for your continued donations. They help me to pay the lights and heat!

Dry food items for food pantry can be placed in the grey bin outside office entrance doors.  Thanks for the donations.



Reminder this Sunday 9 AM Parish Easter Sunday Mass will be live streamed.  Instructions are posted on the Parish Website under the “MASSES” header on the home page of website.  A link to a recording of the previous Sunday Mass is also available in the same location.

The Diocese has informed me today that Parish Offices will remain formally CLOSED until April 23, 2020.    


Courage everyone.  Pray.  With my blessing.

Fr. Vernon P. Boyd S.J.


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