Message From Father Boyd – May 6, 2020

May 06, 2020  Eastertide Wednesday (Memorial Feast St. Francois de Laval Patron of Bishops of Canada)

Parish Update

It was during the Second World War and a young boy was running for his life from the Nazi Gestapo.   He ran to a house and wildly knocking on the door begged to be let in to hide.  A father came to the door and ushered him in but the other members of the family told the father not to let him in.  They were afraid they too would be executed for harbouring a fugitive.  The father looked at his family and said we must let him in, otherwise, how could we ever call ourselves Christians and speak to one another again about doing right or wrong in this life.  The family let in the boy and saved him.  Years later a little Jewish boy was able to tell the story how he was saved by a Christian family.  Not all fathers or families would have done what this family was willing to do.  Not all Christian families, in name only, are wiling to lay down their lives for the other.

In the Mass readings today, the apostle Timothy encourages the faithful to be persistent in times favourable and unfavourable.  To hold to what is true and to do the work we are called to do.  What is the work we are called to do?  The work is doing what God desires and not we desire.  The early church faced the same issues and problems the Church faces today.  Many came to the church and are eager to join, parents eager to have their children baptized, but then many, too many, soon fall away.  They are not in it for the long haul.  When the going gets tough, when sacrifice is asked for,  when more is demanded, when we must do something that is not always to our personal advantage,   having to get up in the morning and come to Mass, or when asked to forgive, and love a difficult person, so many just fall away.  It is easy to love God, and enjoy the Christmas and Easter celebrations, the good feasts, and love the church when it is strong and vibrant, but not so easy to remain when it appears to be drowning in persecution or scandals.  It is not easy to persevere when the times demand.  G.K. Ghesterton would often say, the problem is not with Christianity, rather the problem is with Christians.  This is the problem the apostle also identifies.  When he says, there will be a time when people will not put up with sound doctrine.  Rather, they will accumulate for themselves teachings to suit their own desires, and turn away from truth and wander away into myths.  If we look at culture today, do we not see a culture wandering around in myths?  Wandering around and believing in everything and anything.  The truth is found in Christ.  The truth requires doing the work of God.  The truth is we must remain at it for the long haul and be willing to lay down one’s life in times favourable and unfavourable.  The truth does not run away when times are uncomfortable.

Jesus today says I am the Good Shepherd and I lay down my life for the sheep.  When the hired hand sees the wolf coming he runs away and leaves the sheep.  Jesus will never run away when he sees the wolf coming.  The truth is He stands in the way of the wolf and is willing to lay down his life for us.  The truth is like that good father who was willing to lay down his life, and that of his family, for a little boy running for his life.  The truth is the Good Shepherd is with us in times favourable and unfavourable.      (Scripture Ref:  2 Timothy 4.1-5    John 10.11-16)


Announcement:    Holy Rosary Parish has been consecrated to  Mary, Mother of the Church in Time of Pandemic.   The Act of Consecration  took place on Friday May 01, 2020 @ 3PM on the Feast of St. Joseph the Worker.   Fr. Daniel and I offered the Act of Consecration in the church before the Shrine of Our Lady of the Rosary.   The Consecration was offered for the well being of all our  families of the Parish,   for the sick, the afflicted,  for those dying, those who have died of the virus,  for the safety of all first responders,  nurses, doctors, and personal care workers.     The Act of Consecration can be found for personal prayer on the parish website.

Mass was offered today for the repose of the souls of Bruno & Polly Santos, Ron Charboneau, Bruno & Ida Cavasotto, Don St. Jules,  and in gratitude to God for the birth of Eliasz Lapinski.

Support Catholic Education Week.    Pray for our Catholic Schools, Principals, Teachers, Faculties and Students.   Bishop Crosby will offer a live stream Mass for Catholic Education on May 08 @11 AM.  Link to found on Diocese website.

Thanks for those who signed up for Care for Neighbours Team.   Those assigned please keep a check on your neighbours.

Pray the  Rosary at 4 PM in your homes offering prayers for end of the pandemic , the sick and afflicted,  all who have requested prayers for our families,  nurses, doctors, personal care workers.  Pray for all in our nursing homes.

Mail drop off at the Rectory mail box kitchen door.  Place prayer requests, Mass intentions,  messages, envelopes, letters.   The mail box is carefully monitored.  Thanks for your continued offerings.  Very much appreciated.

Dry food items for food pantry can be placed in the grey bin outside office entrance doors.  Thank you!  Also don’t forget to donate your spirit bottles to grey bin to help raise funds for the capital campaign.



Reminder that the  Fifth Sunday Easter 9 AM Mass will be live streamed.  It will also be our Mother’s Day Mass!  Instructions are posted on the Parish Website  under the “MASSES” header on the home page of website.  A link to a recording of the previous Sunday Mass is also available in the same location.

The Diocese has informed me today all parishes and parish offices closures are now extended to May 12th, 2020.


Courage everyone.  Pray.  With my blessing.

Fr. Vernon P. Boyd S.J.


Holy Rosary Parish, 175 Emma Street, Guelph, ON, N1E 1V6

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