Message From Father Boyd – July 17, 2020

Friday July 17, 2020

Parish Update

The parish bulletin is available electronically on the website under the “Bulletins” heading.  Given the health emergency and because we are not allowed to hand out hard copy bulletins this will become a method to send you parish information.  Thanks for your patience and prayer.  A reminder that Masses are celebrated 5PM Saturday, Sunday 7 AM, 9 AM, & 11 AM. The parish continues to be allowed only 30% capacity. Be aware that the Saturday 5 PM Mass is reaching its capactity level and therefore be prepared to attend one of the Sunday Masses.  I have added the 7 AM Mass to accommodate those who prefer an earlier Mass and perhaps allow for more social distancing.  A reminder that all must wear masks during the Mass according to health officials and diocese.  Those serving in the sanctuary are exempt, with exception of the young altar servers, and those who choose to wear a mask in the sanctuary are of course permitted to do so.

Regarding baptisms I can only allow one family at a time after the Sunday 11 AM Mass.  I have suspended all baptism rituals during the Mass and all rituals of the baptism will be done privately with family.

Thanks to everyone bringing boxes to the parish hall to help us start to remove items from the kitchen to prepare for repair and renovations.  Thank you for bringing food to food pantry.  The food pantry is well stocked and we can suspend any purchase of food items for the foreseeable future.  Thanks for your generosity.

The latest amount raised bringing our spirit bottles to the church is over 2 thousand dollars.  Thank you.  Keep bringing them to the grey bin!

Fr. Vernon P. Boyd S.J.


Holy Rosary Parish, 175 Emma Street, Guelph, ON, N1E 1V6

519-822-4701 x 22