Revised Mass Safety Procedures

 Diocesan and Government  Health Regulations (Full Capacity)

Government regulations now permit the parish to operate at Full Capacity.    MASKS ARE NO LONGER REQUIRED.  Youth altar servers are now needed.   

A few further instructions:
a) Communion from the chalice is not permitted at this time.
b)  The priest and Extraordinary Ministers will wear a mask during distribution of Communion.
c)  The Sign of Peace will continue to be observed by a bow to our neighbour.  Hand shaking is suspended at this time.
d) Collection will be taken up with the baskets with the long handles.   Passing of baskets is suspended at this time.  

The  Sunday 7 AM Mass will continue until end of June depending how health circumstances evolve.  Please continue to walk through the main doors of the church front and back.   Please continue to sanitize your hands.