Holy Rosary Parish – November Lecture Series

Please join us for the Holy Rosary November Lecture Series taking place every Wednesday in November from 7-8pm in the Community Room.

Greg Kennedy (Nov 9)
Topic: The Future: Why Aren’t We Scared to Death?
Despite the global damage done to our environment, our faith
can lead us to hope for a better future. Find out why.
Bio. Greg Kennedy facilitates retreats and practices spiritual
direction at the Ignatius Jesuit Centre. He is the author of
several books, including An Ontology of Trash (SUNY Press
2006); Reupholstered Psalms volumes I-III (Novalis 2020-
2022); and Amazing Friendships between Animals and
Saints (Novalis 2021)

Fr. Eric Jensen, SJ (Nov 16)
Topic: “Jesus’ Special Friends: Martha, Mary, and Lazarus.”
Bio: Fr Eric Jensen was born in Montreal, He taught at St.
Paul’s High School, Winnipeg, and then was pastor of St.
Ignatius Parish, Winnipeg. He is now directing the Spiritual
Exercises at Loyola House, Guelph. He is the author of a
number of books.

Emily Orlando (Nov 23)
Topic: “Living the Mystery of God with Trust and Joy”
Bio: Our vocations in life are callings that lead us into
growing in and sharing our faith, which are acts of entrusting
and deliberate gratitude that leads to joy in the Lord.

Mrs. Teresa Hartnett (Nov. 30)
Topic: God’s Design for Us: Who are we Called to Be? Who
are we Capable of Being?