Jamaican Barrel Mission Outreach

The Holy Rosary Jamaican ministry team under the dedicated leadership of Magee McGuire will resume its mission to help assist two parishes that have developed a long standing relationship with both parishes in Jamaica. Over the years dedicated volunteers from the parish went to Jamaica at the invitation of both parishes to help bring expertise in carpentry, painting, landscaping, building, sewing, teaching, and other tasks. The two parishes located in Kingston Jamaica are St. Anne and Holy Name of Jesus. Two Sisters have been assigned by the Diocese to minister to the needs of the parishioners.

There is no longer a priest available to celebrate Mass except once a month. A Deacon offer communion services The parishes are in great need and operate below the poverty line. The parishes also are responsible for two schools. The church and the rectory is infested with termites and the people feel abandoned.

Magee has spoken with the Sisters and they welcome any support that might come their way. Magee has set up the Jamaica Barrel that she is hoping can be filled with the following PRACTICAL items to be shipped to Jamaica:

Sewing Supplies
Sewing materials… colourful thread….all colours

School & Sports Supplies
Grade 1-6 back packs
Grades 1-6 shoes
Tough soccer balls

Religious Supplies
Catechetical picture books
Catechetical books to be read to young children
Scrapbooks, crayons, pipe cleaners, glue construction paper, colouring books, pencils, erasers, small scissors, used CD player, CD’s, children song books.

Medical Supplies
Ointments skin and eyes
Cleansing cloths

Please consider helping to procure these PRACTICAL items and bring to the Jamaica Barrel.