Offertory Envelopes & Pre-Authorized Contributions

It is the responsibility of all church members to support their parish. From the collection basket, all the bills are paid. This includes everything from the purchase of altar breads to wages and upkeep, and everything in between. This is supplemented by fund raisers, but by and far, it is the primary source of revenue.

The government allows the use of charitable receipts for income tax purposes. The parish has the authority to issue such receipts. However, we cannot do this unless we know the amount to which you are entitled. This is done primarily through the use of your own numbered offertory envelope. It also affords you the privacy of your donation. If you do not have envelopes, please call the office and request them.

Parishioners are encouraged to consider making monthly contributions to the parish by using the pre-authorized remittance (PAR) system.
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