Istituto Nazionale Assistenza Social (INAS) is now operating in the parish with an office located along the interior corridor leading to the Rectory (Jesuit Residence). INAS moved its operations to the parish this past Christmas, having previously been located at the Guelph Italian Canadian Club for many years.

Holy Rosary is blessed to receive INAS, whose services are in harmony with the values, mission, and faith of the parish. INAS will serve the Italian Canadian community in Guelph and surrounding region.

The purpose of INAS is to help prepare and complete applications of various types: CCP, Retirement Pension, Disability Pension, Old Age Pension, Survivor’s Benefits, Death Benefit, Old Age Allowance, Requests for Italian documents and information on fiscal agreements with Italy and its bilateral accords between Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, France, and Australia. INAS is financed by the Ministry of Labour (Italy) that oversee all its activities. The service is free.

The parish welcomes Commissioner Sylvia S. Zamin and assistant Valeria Citton. The office is open Monday, Friday & Saturday from 9am – 4pm. Please call 519-837-2822 for an appointment.

Welcome INAS (National Institute of Social Assistance) to Holy Rosary Parish!