Adult Faith Development

The purpose of this group is to come together on a regular basis to learn more about our faith and to have discussions on issues brought up by reading a book or watching a video. Meetings are about 90 minutes in length. No prior registration is required, all are welcome to attend. Some of the recent subjects explored over the past couple of years are shown below. Currently the program runs on Monday mornings, but if there is sufficient interest, programs could be run in the evening.

For more information call Rodney Bell 519-826-6865

  1. 1.     Matthew Kelly:

    ·          Rediscover Catholicism

    ·          The Four Pillars of Catholicism


    2.     Jeff Cavins:

    ·          A Quick Journey Through the Bible (DVD)

    ·          The Book of Psalms (DVD)


    3.     Edward Sri: 

    ·          A Biblical Walk Through the Mass (DVD)


    4.     Bishop Robert Barron:

    ·          Catholicism (DVD)

    ·          The Mystery of God (DVD)

    ·          Seven Deadly Sins…Seven Lively Virtues (DVD)


    5.     Father James Martin:

    ·          My Life With the Saints


    6.     Pope Francis:

    ·          Laudato Si (On The Care Of Our Common Home)

    ·          The Joy of the Gospel

    ·          The Holy Year of Mercy


    7.     Ronald Rolheiser:

    ·          Prayer- Our Deepest Longing


    8.     Sister Joyce Rupp:

    ·          Prayer


    9.     William P. Young:

    ·          The Shack


    10.   Henri Nouwen:

    ·          The Return of the Prodigal Son

    ·          In The Name of Jesus


    11.   The Journey Home ( DVD)

    EWTN Video


    12.     Father Timothy Gallagher:

    ·          The Discernment of Spirits (DVD)