Roles and Responsibilities

The Finance Committee of Holy Rosary Parish has an advisory and consultative role with the Pastor in ensuring the parish goods are administered in accordance with the norms of both civil and canon law. The Diocese mandates that a Finance Committee be established for each parish.

The Finance Committee is separate from the Stewardship Council and is responsible directly to the Pastor. It is appointed by the Pastor and consists of up to seven members, including the Pastor. Members are from the Holy Rosary Parish community and possess skills or expertise in management, finance and property.

The chair of the Finance Committee is a voting member of the Stewardship Council and is a member of its executive.

The function of the Finance Committee in assisting and advising the Pastor is to:

  • co-ordinate the annual budget process
  • review annual financial reports to the Chancery
  • formulate an annual report to the parish community
  • review contracts and agreements
  • ensure accounting practices follow Diocesan requirements
  • inspect all parish properties and plan maintenance
  • encourage support of diocesan fund raising projects and parish campaigns.

The main task is to consult with and advise the Pastor so that parish resources are used primarily for the pursuit of the parish’s goals rather than attempting to provide a surplus.

The members of the Finance Committee of Holy Rosary Parish shall fulfill their duties in a manner which brings credit to the parish.

The current executive members of the Finance Committee are:

Pastor Rev. Fr. Vernon Boyd, S.J.
Chair: Steve Wright

Please consider joining the Finance Committee. Contact Steve Wright or Father Boyd if you are interested.