Baptisms are held on the last Sunday of the each month (excluding the months of Easter and December). Should a holiday weekend occur, Baptisms will be arranged on an alternative Sunday.

A Baptism Preparation and Information evening is held for Parents and God-parents, usually during the week preceding the Sunday of Baptism. If the God-parents are not available, this is not a problem. Parents are obliged to attend this preparation evening, which usually takes between 60-90 minutes. If for some reason you can not attend, you will be asked to postpone the Baptism until the following month.

To arrange Baptism, please call the parish office to register your child. If you are a non-registered parishioner, you will be required to complete a Parish Registration Form which will be mailed to you along with the Baptism information. Should you live in another parish area and are not a registered parishioner of Holy Rosary, you must contact that parish to arrange Baptism.